Bach in the Back Bay

Bálint Karosi plays Bach on the Richards & Fowkes organ (Opus 10)
at First Lutheran Church of Boston

Winner of several prestigious international organ competitions including First Prize at the XVI International Johann Sebastian Bach Competition in Leipzig, Germany, Bálint Karosi displays his talents with an all Bach program on the beautiful North German style organ by Richards & Fowkes.

Music of Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)

1. Toccata in F Major BWV 540a 8:22

2. Fugue in F Major BWV 540b 5:41

3. Passacaglia in C Minor BWV 582 13:35

4. An Wasserfl üssen Babylon a 5 parti con 2 tastiere e pedale doppio 4:54

        (Fünfstimmige Urfassung) BWV 653b

5. Prelude in C Major BWV 531a 2:33

6. Fugue in C Major BWV 531b 4:32

7. Trio Super: Herr Jesu Christ dich zu uns wend á 2 Claviers et Pédale BWV 655 4:00

8. Fantasy in C Minor BWV 537a 4:40

9. Fugue in C Minor BWV 537b 4:00

10. Wenn wir in höchsten Nöten sein a 2 Clav. et Ped. BWV 641 1:48

11. Preludium in Eb Major BWV 552a 8:20

12. Schmücke dich o liebe Seele á 2 Claviers et Pédale BWV 654 7:25

13. Fugue in Eb Major BWV 552b 6:50

Total Time 76:38


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